Perennial Press

Design Challenge_TWO

"The objects in Sherry Turkle’s book are evocative for the storytellers as they allow for a personal connection or a link to something outside the object itself. Without the story, the objects would remain just that – objects...often just functional, banal, ubiquitous or unconsidered. This design challenge asks you to select an essay in the book and to pull out the criteria for the object’s meaning and evocative qualities established by the author. This requires a close reading of the essay to identify meaning, form, character, materiality, function, context, and sensuous and emotional attributes. You will use this information as a jumping point for your own further research and design development. Both the author’s insights and your own research will be used to come up with a new object that expresses the evocative qualities in the story through a consideration to shape, and of form, texture, detail, function, colour, etc."