Constructing Large Vessels

While building the pieces I learnt a lot about the capability of clay and techniques for throwing large vessels. I was surprised how strong the leather hard structure was once it was scored and slipped together. Each piece held the ones above it seemingly effortlessly.  

This was one of the most exciting ceramics projects that I have created. I would most definitely do it again even just to experience the process once more. Next time I would push it further by creating larger pieces with more diversity between shapes.  It would be interesting to see how high the structure could be built. 

The process is so rewarding that I wouldn’t be worried about firing it and fitting it into a kiln.  It could be interesting to create a teetering sculpture that is so tall and so fragile bone dry. This project was effective because I was able to practice my throwing with large pieces yet I didn’t end up with a cluster of bowls for my kitchen, which is what usually happens when I throw on the wheel.