Throwing a Teapot Start to Finish

My first week at UArts and I've found my way into the ceramic studio. Here is a video of me creating a teapot from start to finish. I only had a few tools and was too excited to wait for leather hard clay to trim, so the trimming is wet.

First, a 4lb lump of clay is pressed onto the wheel. The top gets centered and a spout and lid are thrown and placed aside. Then, the body of the teapot is pulled and put aside to become leather hard with the lid and the spout. Once the lid is dry I center it back onto the wheel to trim it and a small handle is scorred and slipped onto the top. The teapot body is flipped upside down, with supporting pieces, and a foot is trimmed. I measure the spout onto the trimmed body and cut a hole for tea to pour through. I pull a handle and score and slip it onto the back of the pot. Ta-da!

The song is Unwrap the Fiend by Thee Oh Sees.