Industrial Designer

FHA Process

The Emily Carr Health Design Lab hosted two co-creation workshops at the Fraser Health Authority Corporate Office. Each workshop included five activities, and approximately 25 Fraser Health staff participated by providing their thoughts, ideas and opinions. The activities gave insight as to how the ecuad Health Design Lab should design a visual campaign that would increase staff morale and ultimately improve Frase Health patient care.

The Health Design Lab team reviewed and synthesized the information gathered from the workshop. This led to the identification of core criteria for the campaign based on what we understand the participants prefer in terms of communications. Following the workshop, we came up with a wide range of potential concepts and formats to present to the Fraser Health Team such as posters, elevator wraps, t-shirts, social media, video campaigns, wayfinding and interactive objects.

These 12 concepts were then presented to the Fraser Health Team. They enjoyed concepts where individual staff units were recognized and celebrated, using images of staff in private and public spaces. They were most interested in the messaging of the “Here For Wellness” campaign as they felt it would resonate with both staff and patients and recognized the importance of self-care.