Industrial Designer

Fraser Health Campaign

Health Design Lab: Case Study
Here For Wellness Communication Campaign
Fraser Health Authority
September 2016-December 2016


This internal facing campaign for Fraser Health Authority promotes healthy lifestyles while humanizing hospital staff to patients.


The Health Design Lab (HdL) at Emily Carr University has been working with Fraser Health Authority since September 2016 to develop an internal facing campaign to promote self-care. Fraser Health has come through a transitional period that saw difficult, but necessary, internal changes. This project marks an effort to refocus attention on staff and emphasize their importance to healthcare, while humanizing them to patients. The HdL team began this project by learning about the staff experience at Fraser Health through two co-creation workshops. For inspiration, the HdL also reviewed several existing campaigns to gain insights into what works well and doesn’t work well. Following this research process our team generated several ideas and concepts which were then presented to the Fraser Health Steering Committee. We explored a range of concepts as well as potential formats including print and digital outcomes. 

The Outcome

The Health Design Lab team’s final and improved campaign is entitled “Here For Wellness.” The message suggests that staff who care for themselves are better prepared to care for patients while recognizing the shared humanity of patients and staff beyond their roles at the hospital. The Emily Carr team created different formats for the campaign: unit posters, campaign posters, screensavers, Fraser Health website banners, video and unit-level engagement activities. The unit-level activities included creating personalized buttons and a wellness board for patients and staff to contribute Tips for Self-care. 

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