Industrial Designer

Portable Art

We are a product of our surroundings and absorb the philosophies of those around us. In my case, the city of Victoria, and a community which cares less about global consumerism, and more about the environment, sustainability and healthy living. This doctrine courses through me and is particularly prevalent when conceiving ideas for design. I am extremely conscious of my carbon footprint and the impact my peers and community are having on the planet’s delicate ecology. As an artist I am passionate about beauty in simplicity; a humble appearance yet full of thought and life. Combining these principles of form and function I have created travel mugs - simple in their aesthetics but vast in practicality. Combating what I believe is a huge global issue; single use beverage containers.

Through my knowledge of ceramics, wheel throwing and mold making I designed and created a range of all organic, sealable mugs that can be taken out of the house and into the community. I felt that by creating a unique piece of artwork that was both beautiful, and practical, might encourage people to steer away from the ‘throw away lifestyle’ and instead take ownership of their responsibility to their environment, and adopt a more eco-friendly position.

My process has involved innumerable hours of dedicated exploration including practicing throwing techniques and the self-taught application of mold making and plaster and slip casting. I constantly challenge myself to learn new skills that aid in the progression of my praxis.

It has been fantastic to witness my mugs being used in the local community, by people of all ages and backgrounds, and appreciated as a travel mug, a conversation starter, and as a portable work of art that promotes forward thinking. I believe we can increase awareness of the artistic world as well as the issues that surround us through the act of bringing art into our everyday lives and sharing it with friends, family and strangers. By making people talk, my out-and-about mugs, have helped spread the words “support local and stay green”.