I am from Victoria BC, a community which cares less about global consumerism, and more about the environment, sustainability and healthy living. This doctrine is prevalent when conceiving ideas for design. I am extremely conscious of my carbon footprint and the impact we are all having on the planet’s delicate ecology. As an artist I am passionate about beauty in simplicity and a humble appearance. Combining these principles of form and function I have created travel mugs - simple in their aesthetics but vast in practicality. Combating what I believe is a huge global issue; single use beverage containers.

I designed and created a range of organic, sealable mugs that can be taken out of the house and into the world. I felt that by creating a unique piece of artwork that was both beautiful, and practical I might encourage people to steer away from the ‘throw away lifestyle’ and instead take ownership of their responsibility to their environment, and adopt a more eco-friendly position.