Industrial Designer
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Scrib is an interface that allows users to share their thoughts and ideas on an underground platform yet disallows them to engage in mobile conversations. A common user scenario would consist of an individual discovering the collective through visual representation on a passer by or through word of mouth.  The Scrib logo is easy to read and the acompaning illustration would usually attract attention  therefore allocating a google search.

The app design: sign up or log in with a username and open to the home screen which appears to be a camera, however this app does not take photographs. The camera is used to live translate drawing known as "scribs" in the form of patches on clothing or accessories. Using the same technology as google translate on food menus in foreign languages Scrib deciphers secret messages and allows their meaning to be distributed to those understanding of the Scrib symbol. Similar to a QR code the Scrib logo acts as a point of reference to the viewer and allows them to focus their lens on the drawing. Once processed the app explains the meaning of the drawing to the user and they have the opportunity to log the incounter or confront their thoughts. The user then considers this viewpoint and has the oportunity to order their own patch embroidered onto recycled fabric. 

Further, the app allows the user to log their own opinions and can generate symbols to represent them, trace a photograph and convert it into a two tone vector, or has a drawing platform for the creative folks.

Scrib in Action

The Process of Scrib

Includes user testing of app design and detailed scenario.