Industrial Designer

Shoes for Sitting

“I need shoes for sitting, standing and small awkward dance moves. I can get carried to the limo at the end of the night” says Jaclyn, partner to world famous DJ, Cyril Hahn. Jaclyn was looking for the perfect pair of platform ‘sitting shoes’, unique in style and sure to stand out whilst touring the globe with Hahn. Fashion conscious Jaclyn made it clear that she was not interested in wearing anything dainty but instead something to compliment her punk-esque image.

I conducted an interview with a fellow classmate and was tasked with designing a pair of shoes to suit her wants and needs. After many iterations and through much exploration with paper, the final design became a platform shoe, made with bristol paper, black poster board, tissue paper, napkins, white glue, and super glue. The height of the platform spanned 3” at the toe to 6” at the heel.

Respecting the importance of ergonomics, I created a map of the foot’s pressure points when standing and when walking. This informed the shape of the shoe and identified the area’s requiring the support needed to fit the foot perfectly. Through experimentation with paper folding and rolling I discovered that using a honeycomb method provided the strongest support for holding weight. I rolled small pieces of bristol paper into cylinders and taped them securely and for the heel I repeated the same steps yet with 6” pieces of paper.

I finished the shoes in crinkled jet-black tissue paper and covered them in a slurry of glue and water to create a leather look. This finish complimented the user’s Goth style, and spoke to her desire to feel sexy.  Further support was provided through the inclusion of ankle straps, which support the wearer when moving from standing to sitting and vice versa. Rounding the underside of the shoe, from the ball of the foot to the toe, also facilitated more flexibility when dancing.