Space Saving Planter

This planter hangs from beneath the kitchen cabinets and grows plants upside down. Each capsule is designed to allow plant roots to grow freely into the transparent frame and a small hole enables the seedling to sprout downwards. Roots need to be covered and have a starting point for growth so a germination plug fits within the capsule which sits snugly within the walls of the clear root tray. This germination plug facilitates a place for the seeds to expand into seedlings.

Once the roots have established room within the tray the plant will begin to grow and can be conveniently harvested for cooking. The lazy Susan mechanism provides easy access to the plants on every side of the design. I chose Bamboo for the base of the planter because although beautiful in aesthetic it is also a highly renewable resource. Bamboo is able to grow to maturity immensely faster than most hardwood trees and acts as a natural antibacterial.

Upside-down Aeroponics

The Space Saving Planter is a smart object that reacts to it's internal environment and provides nourishment to the growing roots of your herb garden.