Industrial Designer

Tap Handles


Bartending at The Mackenzie Room in Vancouver and a desire to explore moulding techniques motivated me to create bespoke handles for the restaurant’s beer taps. While designing the taps I was extremely conscious that they should fit the rustic, farmhouse style of the restaurant yet should be practical and beautiful.


Using clay, I sculpted the shape of the handle, once leather hard I placed the sculpture into a medallion shape of soft clay. This would act as a means to hold the structure upright and be used as a filler to stop the mould material from leaking once poured into the cylinders that I constructed from polyethylene plastic and masking tape.

I cut open the urethane rubber mould in a zigzag pattern so that each indent would act as a reference point and ensure the two sides correctly connected together. I applied a release agent and poured Kastkrete into the moulds. I then embedded the U.S beer industry standard nuts into the wet material.