the Aviate

The Aviate is designed with fashion and functionality at its forefront. It combines features of a purse and a wallet enabling users to experience life hands free. The idea has developed through the investigation of current societal constructs surrounding women’s fashion and rituals regarding the purse. Women’s clothing and accessories deny the convenient or casual transportation of belongings.

The Aviate is an androgynous object with an intended purpose to allow convenient access to their phone, passport or money without the use of a purse, backpack, or pant pockets. The Aviate carries the necessities to travel far away or stay close to home. Made from Natural Vegetable Tanned leather The Aviate evolves and changes as does the user. Through the maturation of tannic acids found in plants, the leather transforms over time, naturally archiving the happenings of daily life. Markings are scribed inside and out of the design making the Aviate an incomprehensible recording of experience.