Industrial Designer

The Helpful Lights

At the beginning of the 20th century Granville Island was a busy industrial out-port, abundant with factories and sawmills. However in the 1970’s almost all of the factories re-located leaving it bare. The government began to regenerate the area, land-locking the island and creating access by road. Now accessible to the local community the area has been transformed into a popular tourist destination with a large food market and many artisan’s studios and shops. Architecturally the Island has always remained connected with its industrial roots and the vintage light fixtures continue to shine on the islands historical past. Walking around the island at night, the streets are illuminated by giant pendant lights while industrial cage lighting hang proudly in the parking lots. Contrasting to today’s modern lighting fixtures, which are often hidden and remain strategically unnoticed, Granville Island’s lights shout for attention. Inspired by this story I began to design a children’s book intended to captivate the reader as the lights have captivated me. It was important to keep the design simple, colorful and easy for children to understand. I included happy characters, large pictures and used a uniform color palette to maintain continuity throughout the book.